AVRweb is a web-based interface to avrdude command-line utility, currently having the following features:

  • Set programmer type (“Settings” option in top right corner) and additional parameters
  • Identify MCU (uses the device signature, should recognize most 8-bit AVRs)
  • View and change fuse settings and write them to MCU

Currently, the fuse settings have been imported from AVR Studio 5 xml files, and have not been field tested or checked for errors as thoroughly as in Engbedded Fuse Calculator. So I don’t take any responsibility if you brick your MCU due to AVRweb – you should double-check the resulting fuse values either against Engbedded web calculator or, even better, the MCU datasheet.

Installation notes

AVRweb incorporates the MicroApache web server with PHP 5 and SQLite DB support, so the installation on a Windows machine is rather straightforward:

  1. Download the latest AVRweb zip file and unzip
  2. Run the go.bat – it should start a windowed instance of Apache web server (if not, you’re on your own…)
  3. Point your browser to http://localhost:8800/
  4. Use the top-right corner “Settings” option to select your programmer
  5. Plug the programmer and some AVR MCU to it, and click “Re-identify MCU”
  6. You can now change fuse settings, more functionality to come!
  7. Once you’re done, run stop.bat to stop the Apache web server

Note that the software is in alpha stage and you’ll be using it at your own risk! As the MicroApache installation is not security-hardened, only run the server on properly firewalled network, and do not expose the server to the internet – the AVRweb code is running local commands and is not designed to withstand attacks from malicious users.

Linux and Mac users should be able to run this as well, as long as they have avrdude installed, and a web server with PHP 5 supporting SQLite databases. Just copy files in htdocs folder to your web root. The code currently assumes its PHP files are in web server root.

Licensing, patches, updates

AVRweb is licensed under GNU GPL v3. See htdocs/license.txt in the zip file for details. Improvement ideas, patches etc. are welcome. If you find the software useful, please consider donating, it’s the big button on the right. :)

5 thoughts on “AVRweb”

  1. Hi,can I burn my code to ATmega8 using Arduino as ISP using this AVRWeb? I cant see AVRDude in this zip file? It means it will only provide avrdude parameters?

    1. Yeah, I think it should work fine. You may want to test avrdude with Arduino as programmer on the command line first, so you’ll know what programmer string works. And yeah, the program assumes avrdude is installed, it is basically a web/GUI frontend.

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