This is blog is written by Joonas Pihlajamaa. I have been programming since early nineties, starting with AmigaBASIC, then proceeding to C and C++ demo coding, and finally web programming in Perl and CGI in 1999.

Since 2000, I’ve been mainly doing web development, be it on PHP, Ruby or Python, with occasional forays into Java and scripting languages. In 2011 I found a new hobby, electronics, and have been writing a lot about it since that. So in this blog, you may generally expect the following coverage:

  • Electronics: AVR, Raspberry Pi, or whatever I tend to be working on
  • Coding (or “development” if you like the word better)
  • Media PC stuff
  • Web techniques
  • Occasional oddball postings about anything that I might find interesting

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just a comment to say that I like the new format of the page. I also see that you are posting projects that are way over my head (smile), but I do enjoy reading them.

    Thanks for the blog.

  2. hello,
    some times i have to refresh your site again and again many times for example tutorials page,have i accepted to do that?

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